People, Beliefs, Thoughts and Destiny!

Do you see a clear connection between people, beliefs, thoughts, and destiny? In this article, I aim to help you realize how these words are so interconnected. It’s simple to understand yet very few know the connection between these words. Those who know this science have achieved great results, lasting peace and happiness in their lives.

Thoughts and Destiny. What is the connection?

  • Destiny or Outcome depends on our Action (Karma)
  • Behind every Action, there is a good or bad Decision
  • Feelings & Emotions influence our Decisions more than our Intelligence (Buddhi)
  • Behind every Emotion or Feeling, there is a Thought

I believe that the above philosophy does not require a detailed explanation. Any Intelligent person, after carefully analyzing this theory could observe the world and understand the truth in this philosophy.

Many great philosophers have scientifically concluded that everything begins with a thought. Below are some good lines, chosen for you on this topic.

  • Thoughts are causes. Conditions are effects
  • You will remain or rise with your thoughts
  • Every thought and desire is like a prayer
  • We are literally what we think. Our character being a complete sum of our thoughts
  • As he thinks so he is. As he continues to think the same so he remains the same
  • We cannot choose our circumstances but our thoughts which cause the circumstances
  • Conscious wises and unconscious weaknesses are yielded from the harvest of thoughts

But what’s the source for our thoughts?

At Winners-Nest, we don’t conclude that everything begins with a thought. Here’s why?

  • Thoughts in our conscious mind are mostly the reflections from the automatic processing in our sub-conscious mind
  • Conscious mind demands and sub-conscious mind supplies
  • The conscious mind is like RAM which constantly stores info into Subconscious mind which acts like Hard disk
  • Our sub-conscious mind works based on our earned beliefs, values and experiences that we have stored in it since time immemorial
  • Each one of us think differently based on our conscious and subconscious programming

We will publish more articles on the science and power of the subconscious mind in upcoming articles.

Experiences and Beliefs. Which comes first?

Chicken or egg? Beliefs or Experiences? Which is first?

Seeing is believing or Believing in seeing? Let’s analyse.

We often experience or see situations in the world coinciding with what we believed to be true. That’s because our conscious mind constantly looks for proof to validate and bolster our deep-rooted beliefs (confirmation bias).

Here is a real incident that I learned from Tejguru Sirshree :

A famous psychologist approached a jailer to do an experiment. He convinced the jail authorities to postpone a scheduled hanging of a convicted criminal. 

The next day, the psychologist made arrangements to drain the blood of the criminal instead of hanging him. He narrated to the criminal that his entire blood would be slowly drawn out from his body until he dies.

After drawing about 200ml of blood, the psychologist closed the vein puncture to stop the blood draining out.

He replaced it with pipe dripping water from a can to create the sound similar to blood dripping out. 

The criminal, however, believed that his blood is flowing out continuously and died within a few hours due to multi-organ failure. This is a good example to understand how our experiences follow our beliefs.

  • Our life experiences mirror our beliefs
  • It is done on to you as you believe
  • Our expressions follow our beliefs
  • You get the evidence of what you believe
  • Change your beliefs and you will change your experience

Beliefs and Human Limits

On May 6, 1954, Roger Gilbert Bannister ran a mile in less than 4 minutes and broke the world record. No one in the world was able to run one mile in less than 4 minutes earlier. But within a few weeks after 6th May 1954, several runners were able to achieve the same record.

So what barrier did Roger broke? What changed suddenly after 6th May 1954?

How did some people easily break the record in no time which no one did for thousands of years? I am sure the gravity did not change. So what actually changed?

Roger Bannister has given a new belief to the world. Belief changed. With that new belief, runners were able to push the 4min limit easily.

There are many such examples in other sports. For example, after Sachin Tendulkar did the double century, many cricketers did the same. We can find similar examples in all the fields of science and art as well. Should we call the limits we experience as humans such as “laws of nature” or “illusory limits set by our limiting beliefs”?

How are Beliefs Born?

“Belief has been a most powerful component of human nature that has somewhat been neglected” –  Peter Halligan, a psychologist at Cardiff University

To simplify complex patterns in this world, our brain creates a short-cut for our survival and it can be called “belief”.

Belief can empower people to do amazing things. Beliefs provide a moral framework for everything we do in this world. Limiting beliefs can destruct the self and society.

Where and how do we get these beliefs from?

“For some of our most important beliefs, we have no evidence at all, except that people we love and trust hold these beliefs.” 2002 Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman

Beliefs are either formed by our own experiences OR by accepting what people around us tell us to be true. Most of our core beliefs get developed within us when we are young.

Our parents, our religious texts, friends, and relatives play a big part in forming our beliefs from childhood. We unconsciously accept the beliefs of the people that we closely associate within day to day affairs such as spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, teachers at school, colleagues & bosses at work, spiritual & religious leaders, mentors in our life, online friends, the YouTube channels, the blogs we read, the music we hear and the movies we watch.

Based on circumstances and experiences few beliefs undergo metamorphosis and become part of us and facts for us. Some beliefs get completely diluted when we stop associating with the people who gave us those beliefs.

Beliefs are contagious. 90% of our core beliefs come from the people we associate very closely in life.

Evolution of my core Beliefs and the Outcomes:

Here are some of my core beliefs on God & Universe, the strengths (the pros) and weaknesses (the cons) I have acquired while following these belief systems and the outcomes I have achieved in my life with the help of those belief systems.

I have always got the evidence of what I believed at that particular time and made my decisions according to my belief systems.

My Core Beliefs and the Outcomes:

My Age & Place My Core Belief The Pros from the Belief   The Cons from the Belief The Outcomes from the Belief
In my youth
(1990 – 2000)
“God & Universe know about everything that everyone wants in life and we don’t have to pray” No fear on present or future; Socialization; Obedience; Not goal-oriented;
Peer pressure;
Ignorance on the science of soul and mind.
Enjoying Momentary Pleasures; Mediocre Education; Unplanned Career.
23yrs to 36yrs
(2000 – 2013)
India, Germany & USA
Serving the Supreme Lord, singing His holy names and associating with His pure devotees is the ultimate goal of life” Significance; High in Values; Inner-Strength; Conformity; Forgiveness; Tolerance; Selfless Service; Artistic; Multitasking; Regulated & Simple Life; Humility; Wishful thinking; Expecting miracles all the time; Sectarian Life; Discrimination based on faith; Restricted Freedom of thought; Ignoring the present; Went deeper into Scriptures and Kirtans. Achieved stuff very easily and enthusiastically; Happily engaged with a loving family, managed a fulltime job, six rental homes and lead a spiritual community in the USA.
36yrs to 38yrs
(2013 – 2015)
Bangalore, India
I am a sincere devotee of the Supreme Lord and I can take any risk to serve God and to please my Guru” Freedom of Thought; Unique Vision; Independent Decision Making; Calculated Risk-Taking; Learning the Leadership; The stress of handling everything alone; Lack of peer support; Drifting into unrelated investments; Misusing Independence; Emotional Decision Making; Purchased 100+ acres of land for my vision in a scenic Nandi valley near Bangalore. Took high risk due to too much faith in self. Got cheated on some investments; First-hand Experience on Catastrophic Failures.
38yrs onwards
(2016 – to date)
“God, Universe and our subconscious mind enable us to create whatever we conceive, strongly believe and persist” Learning the science of subconscious mind; Accepting new empowering beliefs; Analysis of various belief systems; Focus on the present; Rational and analytical Decisions; Perceived by others as tough and ambitious; Fewer friends; Confrontation to solve problems; Certified in NLP and Leadership; Did 5 levels of certification in subconscious therapy; Ceased accepting that suffering is normal; Found solutions to most problems around; Success in career, results coaching and business.

The Summary:

We have logically understood how the people we associate give us limiting or empowering beliefs.

Our beliefs have the power to affect our values, our experiences, our consciousness and our thoughts.

Our thoughts affect our emotions, our intelligence, our decisions, our actions and ultimately our destiny!

Our destiny literally depends on the people we closely associate in our life.
  • We acquire beliefs in our association with parents, family, close friends, gurus, religion and our own experiences
  • Beliefs can be empowering or limiting in nature
  • This world will show you the evidence to support what you believe
  • Date with various beliefs before marrying one
  • Your values and experiences are also subjected to your beliefs
  • Your thoughts are affected by your beliefs & values
  • You become what you think most of the time
  • Your entire life is in your head. Choose your thoughts carefully
  • Always think of what you want (the outcome) instead of what you don’t want (the problem)
  • Associate your feelings only with your positive and empowering thoughts
  • It’s not the conditions that shape your destiny, it’s your decisions and actions.
  • God and your subconscious mind gives you the power to create whatever you conceive and strongly believe
  • May you strongly believe in your goals
  • May your empowering beliefs bring peace, prosperity, and happiness to you and to everyone else in this world
  • The shortcut for happiness is to associate with happy people. The same rule can be applied to our other needs.

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Suresh is a certified NLP coach, accomplished decision science leader, performance coach, certified mind therapist and spiritual mentor. Suresh has over 20 years of experience in predictive analytics, product engineering, solution architecture, pre-sales, program management & operations. An accomplished hands-on leader excelling in building complex Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning, NLP, Computer Vision) products in Banking, Pharma, Insurance and Digital Marketing domains to his clients around the world.

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