The 7 Factors That Make You Wealthy

‘Health’, ‘Wealth’ and ‘Wisdom’ … these are few things that define the level of satisfaction in our life. As far as wealth is concerned, most people associate it with just money. Several fairly rich people often lack a sense of fulfillment in their lives. Does that mean the definition of wealth has been misunderstood?

How do you relate physical strength, psychology, relationships, career, etc. with the wealth?

One of the world’s top coaches, Tony Robbins has given some very interesting, meaningful insights about wealth. Read on to find out how you can be one of the few wealthiest people on earth.

Wealth is a combination of seven things and money is at #6. All of these 7 things contribute towards happiness and satisfaction. Even if one of them is missing we cannot attain complete satisfaction. Reversibly, we cannot be considered wealthy if we are missing happiness and satisfaction in our lives. Let us find out about each one of the seven factors and see which one of them is out of the radar.

Fit to fight

This world is a beautiful place and all human beings have been made to enjoy the beauty of nature. They also contribute towards nature through their efforts and abilities. In this process, physical strength plays a major role. Nobody can enjoy the joys of life unless they are physically fit. Neither can they successfully contribute towards society? You cannot enjoy a beautiful morning if you are sick to walk out of your bed. Keeping yourself fit helps you deal with every day and consequently enjoy life. People who bring a positive change to society are the most vivacious people. Therefore, physical fitness is a very important wealth that can help you enjoy all the pleasures of life.

Feel it in the bones

Next on the checklist of wealth contributors is emotional well-being. What makes human beings different from other living souls on earth is their emotions. What matters is what kind of emotions are we surrounded with every day of our life. Gratitude towards others, a sense of contribution towards society, love for fellow citizens, etc. are some very strong emotions that make us wealthy. It is because they enrich our life with happiness and immense satisfaction. On the contrary the emotions like stress, guilt and worry make our life meaningless. There cannot be a sense of fulfillment even if you have loads of money in your bank account when you are always worried about what is going to happen next. Emotional wellbeing, therefore, stands on the second top position of the wealth contributors’ list.

Manage Time

You must be thinking that time is something everyone has. Everyone in this world has the same 24 hours a day. The difference is in the manner in which this time is spent. Time alone can help you earn all the other different wealth’s in life when used appropriately. Utilize time in doing things you love. Work, bond with others, contribute to society, celebrate, be with yourself and do everything else that brings fulfillment to your life. There is an interesting angle to this rare kind of wealth. You do not want it more than enough to be able to keep it in a locker. You just want sufficient time to be able to do your favorite things. Time spends quickly doing interesting things while it seems never-ending if you do not feel happy doing the things you do.

Bond with the world

The value of relationships in life is immense. People actually feel rich when surrounded by others. These are the people who you have loved, taken care of and built a strong and caring relationship with. Deep and intense relationships give you the strength to be lively and confident. Filthy rich people who have failed to build relationships feel empty at some point or the other. There is obviously a scarcity of love and emotions in their life. Relationships are therefore a wealth without which one’s life cannot be fulfilling.

Work For A Mission

‘Work is worship’ is what we have constantly heard and learned from our school and home. Work becomes another majorly important wealth when it is associated with a cause. Associating it with a mission brings a lot of change to the value your work holds. No mission is small as long as it is for a good cause. It could be the ability to raise your family, the ability to bring a positive change to society or to be able to gain confidence in your own eyes that you can do something. Analyze your inner capabilities and accordingly increase the horizon of your mission. Remember that with bigger powers come bigger responsibilities.

Earn the luxury

Finally, we come to the most common type of wealth, the money. Money is definitely important to enjoy luxuries and for survival. If money gives you the power to purchase the things you need for your work, it certainly is a necessary wealth. The idea is to gather the resources, work in your area of interest, and reciprocate to the world by giving it back your wonderful creations. In the process, you deserve to enjoy the luxuries you earn, because you worked hard for them.

Celebrate And Contribute

Keeping all the wealth you have earned in a safe locker isn’t much fulfilling, is it? The real happiness comes when you can actually enjoy the wealth. Thank the power that you believe in, that you have everything you ever wanted. A beautiful life that makes you happy and satisfied is something to be celebrated. Being able to share happiness and spread happiness with your near and dear ones is a wealth you do not want to be devoid of. Doing something for others and contributing to society is the next level of celebration. Once you experience it you would know that this is what you want to keep doing and stay wealthy.

Here are your 7 bullets in essence:

  • Physical strength – The first step to wealth
  • Psychological Maturity – The key ingredient
  • Self/Time Management – The only thing you can really control is your-self
  • Relationships – You can relish great relationships when you are good at the first three bullets
  • Work/ Career/ Mission – Money and people stay with you when you have a great mission
  • The Money – Cashflow gives you the power to magnify what you are
  • Caring and Celebrating – The more you care and celebrate the wealthier you become

Now that you know everything that is required to keep you happy in this world, start building yourself some wealth. In case you feel the need for some extra push to build this wealth, just click on the whatsapp icon on the right bottom corner on this webpage. I can discuss with you and hear your problems via my website Winners Nest.

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