Winning Life with the Right Thinking

Thinking is the supreme power vested in everyone, subject to their own discretion of use. It is the unique power with the capacity to completely change someone’s life. It can turn poverty into luxury beyond imagination, unhappiness to happiness and fulfillment, it can also take away the loneliness within people or take someone to the highest degree of success. Reversibly, it is thinking that can pull down someone from prosperity to nothingness. Since we do not want the latter to happen to us, we need the right thinking.

Consider the game of chess. An expert would first learn the rules of the game, understand them to their entirety and then proceed to play. There are only three possibilities in the game. He can either win it or lose it. The third possibility where he neither wins nor loses is a stagnant position. A position where he makes no progress in life. With the right kind of thinking and knowledge, he proceeds towards his win. Life is no different. It is run by rules and only by knowing and then using these rules smartly can turn your life events to your favor. If you fail to use the right thinking or do not learn the rules well, you either fail in life or remain stagnant.

What is Right Thinking?

right thinking

Right thinking may often be confused with positive and negative thinking. Positive or negative thinking orient towards a result viewing it as positive or negative. It is a belief in a situation that gives you the assurance that the result will be good or bad. Right thinking, however, is not a belief. Neither does it consider any outcome or final result. There is only one goal, to play the game of life in the best possible way with the help of rules defined for it. Thinking positively gives you hope and determination, but, only right thinking can help you sail through any kind of situation successfully.

People often complain that even after following the footsteps of rich people they could never match up to their level. It is very much possible, but, not because the universe was partial to you. Failure happens only if you do not understand the rules well or apply them incorrectly. Rich and successful people take the right steps at the right time.

Right thinking stands on the foundation of truth.

It bases one’s decisions on facts and reality. Right thinking does not consider one’s opinion of what is correct and what is not. The only way to think right is to:

  • Be aware of your surroundings and to be conscious of the situation
  • Always ask your inner higher self the truth about the current situation, the inner higher self always reveals the truth to you
  • Act according to the answers obtained from the higher self
  • Know that once you follow the facts, and expect only the actual results i.e. the results that are supposed to happen as per the cause, every situation gets resolved magically

How to Achieve Exactly What We Want?

Time and again people quote that you always do not get what you want. True, but there is a reason for this. It is only because you did not take the right steps to achieve what you exactly wanted. In fact, you get exactly what should be the outcome of your actions. Nothing happens on its own or by chance. Everything happening in our lives is a repercussion of our actions. Whenever the universe finds a right sequence of steps taken towards a goal, the goal is one hundred percent achieved.

steps to success

The Universe assures no bias towards or against anyone

The Universe assures no bias towards or against anyone if you have learned its rules. As a matter of fact, the rules of nature always apply and give exactly the outcomes expected. Be assured that

  • The laws of nature are dependable, and they never change
  • The laws are always applicable and work all the time
  • Those who follow the rules of nature are never let down
  • The laws of nature are impartial and work for everyone irrespective of their age, color, geography, etc.

This, therefore, is clear that people who follow the rules are sure to get what they want.

How Does the Universe Work?

Understanding the Universe is not complicated. Author Pharaoh Freeman has rightfully drawn parallels between the Universe and a river in order to explain in his audio. A river is always constant, stays forever and keeps flowing. It never stops anyone from entering it, enjoying it or drowning in it. It is impersonal. The river itself is neither responsible for anyone drowning in it or being able to float on it. The human mind is capable of devising the right strategy to withstand its currents. Humans learn to swim and float, design boats and even ships to combat any possibility of drowning. They are able to do that after observing and by understanding water currents.

life as a river

There are abundant opportunities for everyone in this universe.

Life will also let you sail through if you learn its pattern and make the right choices. Our choices decide for us whether we would be able to fetch a teaspoon, a cup, a bucket or a barrel of water out. Our entire belief system, ideas, and consciousness also play a role in determining our achievements. Anything that we think of and desperately want in our life can be ours. We need to believe that we can have what we want. The moment we start believing, we start building up steps towards it. All our beliefs will become the truth if we start accepting them to be true.

If we accept that we will live well but will always remain middle class, then it is very likely that this is what will happen. If we believe that we are made for large, and our worth is of billions, then our actions automatically start focusing on making it true. These beliefs are formed over time, based on situations and with experience.

Desiring v/s acting

You may argue that everyone desires to be rich and successful. Desire is not equivalent to believing. You have to believe that current situations are only temporary. Remind yourself that your goal is not yet achieved. Your actions should still focus on bigger outcomes. Instead, however, most people lose their focus and drown into their situational needs. Their actions start focusing on survival. We start building rules for ourselves and limit us to those rules. This is called conditioning us. A situation in which we are locked in our comfort zone.

How Does the Universe React to Your Actions and Beliefs?

Reinstating the fact that the Universe is always impartial, unbiased and constant, is the cause and effect theory. An effect is always generated from a cause. Every action produces a result. For the same actions taken under similar conditions, the result will always be the same. Never expect different results when the actions you took were the same as before. Our consciousness always knows what the end results of a particular set of actions will be. Listen to your conscience as it will warn you of the results.

One thing that you should work on is to shape your beliefs. Pronouncing your limitations to the world repeatedly and vigorously becomes one’s law of the universe. Such ideas once accepted by the Universe become true under all circumstances. Suppress your limitations by believing that you do not have any. Believe that everything is in your hands and it will be. Assure yourself that you have the inner power to bring everything you desire close to you and it will be.

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