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A lot of critiques have emerged over the past years regarding the authenticity and failure of western medicine and the entire healthcare industry when it comes to treating certain chronic or life-threatening diseases. Cancer patients, even with today’s ultra-advanced medications, get below 50% chances of survival. Even for minor diseases, where western medicines in pursuit of a faster cure leave behind an array of side effects, their effectiveness is in question. This does not, however, mean that there is or can be disbelief in medical science and its immense efforts towards wellness. There is a desire, though, to compliment medicine with a natural and intensely powerful remedy. For some it may be hard to believe, but, that remedy is your own ‘Powerful Mind’.

As you read on, you will gradually decipher, how using your powerful mind, you can heal yourself not just mentally but your body as well. The survival of 80% of hopeless illness cases around the world who could stimulate the power of their minds, is truly a revelation. Moreover, people with a shattered life, destroyed careers, failed relationships or cashless accounts, got their life back on track after correctly exercising their powerful minds. Highly successful people across the globe are now echoing their belief in the power of the mind. Some of these successful people have seen failures several times in their life or were deeply depressed. Some had to experience intense psychological trauma, compelling them towards drug and alcohol addiction. The most influential people in the contemporary world won their positions by energizing the power of their minds. Anyone who is able to learn how to use his or her powerful mind rightfully can achieve whatever is desired. It could be mental or physical healing or achieving success, fame, wealth or love.


Why is mental and physical health important?

mental health problems

When you evaluate your life, what are the things that you look for? Wealth, a good career, relationships, comfort, or all of these combined. Now, imagine you have all of these and are suffering from bad physical or mental health. Does this picture give you pleasure or make you feel miserable? If you are already dealing with poor health, you absolutely know that without good health nothing in the world can be enjoyed. If you do not have wealth, you would never be able to earn it with poor health. Likewise, if you do have wealth, you would never be in a position to use it for your happiness. It wouldn’t, therefore, be alarming to conclude that good health is imperative to fully shape your professional and personal pursuits.


How can the mind affect the body?

mind over medicine

Lissa Rankin, the New York Times bestseller author and a medical practitioner herself, states that in her entire medical career, she has seen miracles happening with the willpower of the powerful mind. In her book Mind Over Medicine, she mentions that a lot of people who came to her with serious medical conditions had some disturbing events in their life at some point or another. Some could not pursue their career due to monetary issues; some had broken relationships or other reasons that upset them deeply. Many of them recovered considerably when situations changed and they resolved the issues that upset their minds. When you are able to do things of your choice, there are spontaneous emissions in the body. Mind is so powerful that when you feel good, you can think with clarity and precision. These are two very important elements for guaranteed success. These spontaneous emissions can even cure diseases with high severity. There is also a reverse effect of a disturbed mind created by negative thoughts. Both of these effects are even used by doctors and they term them Placebo and Nocebo Effects.


The Placebo Effect as a cure

It is rather a historic treatment methodology, in which doctors cured the patients with a placebo medicine which had no therapeutical effect on the disease. In other words, it was treatment with a fake medicine, making the patients believe that they were getting cured. This methodology was first used in the 18th century. It may contradict medical ethics and may question the trust between the doctor and his patients, however, it did work successfully. It was discovered and deemed by doctors that belief and willpower can cure a disease for which there is no medicine available or has failed to work. When you are feeling good, or have immense pleasure inflow in your life, your willpower to live and contribute rises. This becomes the reason for spontaneous emissions of relaxation hormones in the body that have implausible healing effects.


The Nocebo Effect as a threat

Like the Placebo effect, it is also believed that a negative mind can have adverse effects on the body. Surveys suggest that several patients died after consulting their doctors who anticipated brutal cancer in their bodies. It was later found in the autopsy that they never had cancer. The patients died in the hopelessness of survival. The power of negative beliefs can pose serious implications on the body and mind. Like the Placebo effect, negative thoughts also release hormones. These are considered stress hormones that emanate stress responses in the body. A negative mind, conclusively, has enough power to ruin your body, and thinking ability and can even drive you to the death bed. Even the doctors need to take a sensitive note of compassion towards the patients and console them with positivity. It is true that doctors follow the protocol of being honest with the patients and of delivering the facts downrightly to them. However, this too cannot be deserted that belief in both doctors and patients can turn the expected results around. With several real-life cases around, a note of positivity and sometimes even deception of hope can do wonders.

Belief is contagious, it amplifies when people around you have it too. A positive mind can heal others by inducing positivity and inversely, a negative mind can destroy its surroundings too. When patients have full faith in the doctors, the healing effect magnifies. This is validated by the fact that people often choose their trusted doctors over better-qualified doctors for their medication.


Caution concerning belief


Having stated the power of the mind, a word of caution becomes a necessity. It is true that the mind undeniably has colossal power. A power so immense that it can alter expected results, heal broken lives, and get you whatever you want in life. However, it is never intended to suggest that medication is insignificant or unnecessary. A broken arm cannot fix itself with positive thoughts. Neither should anyone contemplate that it is the fault of their minds that they are suffering from poor health or failures in life. Misery, ailments, and catastrophes encompass every human life. Our belief in the possibility of a cure can alleviate each of them. As rightly described by Lissa Rankin, we are responsible to our illness, not for our illness. This phrase here means that it becomes our responsibility to be aware of and consider the effect of our thoughts and beliefs on our bodies. In doing so, we would be able to regulate and use them to our benefit. It is our responsibility to take care of our health in the best possible ways to successfully contribute our worth to society. Our belief system and the power of our minds work like immunity. They exist to guard you against external intruders on their own, all you need to do is develop and nurture them to grow stronger.


How to trigger and leverage the power of the mind?

The power of the mind can only be exploited by a powerful and resolute mind. Meaning, that in order to harness the impeccable power of mind it is required for you to be determined and follow the rest of the steps until the time they become your habit. One of the best ways to spawn optimism is by practising gratitude. You can practice gratitude in the ways you are most comfortable and enjoy doing it. It could be a simple thank you prayer every morning. It could be a helpful gesture for a needy person every day. You will feel grateful for being able to help others. It has been estimated that people around the world find 40% of their happiness through optimism. Only 10% of happiness is contributed by money, assets, luxury etc. The ability to contribute makes you feel wealthier and happier at heart. Be thankful for whatever you have, as there are thousands who are not fortunate enough like you. You will start feeling responsible for your gifts, which may even be your health, and would care for them with greater willingness and vigour.

This kind of practice entails a lot of courage. It may take some time for you to become habitual with the gratitude practice, and this is where you need to be courageous. Be honest with yourself. Accept what you have and try to contribute to it. Try to make positive relations with people around you. Be with people who motivate you, show you productive paths and encourage you towards progress. Loneliness poisons your body and mind. You must know that there are people in the world with better intellect who are ready to show you solutions to your problems. You only need to come out of your loneliness and approach them.

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Healthy relationships and even healthy spiritual and sexual lives can trigger optimism. Meditations, prayers, good deeds and thankfulness all trigger positive vibes in the mind. People with good sex lives also generate satisfaction hormones more than the ones with a scarred or disturbing sexual life. Get rid of any disturbing elements in your life. Most people believe in adding good things rather than eliminating bad ones from their life. It is for sure required for you to bring positive elements, but do not underestimate the importance of eliminating bad energy. People who manage to do so are found to live 7 to 10 years longer. There is also a 77% less chance of catching any fatal disease in positive people. The more you would practice a positive outlook, the better you would be able to control your powerful mind.


There is always help in this beautiful big world. People are more than willing to spread happiness and help others to practice gratitude themselves. Therefore, there is never a need to feel shy and ask for help. Winnersnest believes in healing with the power of the mind, tell us your story.


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Suresh is a certified NLP coach, accomplished decision science leader, performance coach, certified mind therapist and spiritual mentor. Suresh has over 20 years of experience in predictive analytics, product engineering, solution architecture, pre-sales, program management & operations. An accomplished hands-on leader excelling in building complex Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning, NLP, Computer Vision) products in Banking, Pharma, Insurance and Digital Marketing domains to his clients around the world.

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