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Human being considers self a profound creature, provided with a tad more intelligence than other fellow living entities. While this may partially be true, it becomes futile if that intelligence is not used for one’s self-growth both internally and externally.

Humans love to celebrate. Be it any race, any creed, any origin, any country, we all simply love celebrations. Why is that so? Because we humans are social beings; because we are happy souls and because we try to share our happiness with other fellow human beings who we think have the best thoughts and wishes for us.

Does that mean our happiness persists when only others have good thoughts for us?

No, not at all!! Happiness exists within us all the time. It’s just a trigger that brings forth the happiness on to our face. Celebrating, being with our loved ones, going on a holiday, hearing good news, seeing a child play, a drop of dew on a flower, the morning sun rays, a walk on a full moonlight, all of these are triggers for happiness. Happiness within us is pure and when shared, it only multiplies just as knowledge multiplies when shared.

Being happy is our eternal form. Because humans are seekers of the truth and truth is always blissful.

When we learn something new or accomplish a task completely, we feel blissful. Why is it so? Well, don’t we get a sense of completeness when we accomplish something or have learned something new? That completeness is what makes us happy as every living entity is complete.

When an action has a positive impact on us consciously and adds to our growing knowledge with a feeling of fulfillment, such an action will make us feel blissful.

We humans have a beautiful mind, which has answers to every question of ours. We are our own answers and our own solutions. Our mind is directly influenced by our desires and relevant actions. When we make our minds accustomed to doing something repeatedly, over a period of time, that action becomes natural for the mind just as our action of breathing.

Since time immemorial, great saints have given importance to the practice of meditation (Dhyana). Because through meditation, we can help self to focus and that focus will help the mind to get regulated. This regulation helps to obtain answers to many questions.

If we have so many things positive around us, what is it that makes us sad or unhappy?

Just as darkness is prevalent only due to lack of light, similarly sadness or unhappy feelings are prevalent only when we are less happy. These emotions are not perpetual as is the case with happiness. They leave us as soon as we increase the quotient of happiness or the situation which makes us sad/unhappy is over. However, it is very important for us to handle these negative emotions well enough so that they do not have a strong impact on our minds. Remember anything we practice consistently becomes a habit for our mind. Being sad or feeling low is also a state of mind, that we may be practising

unconsciously affecting our mind permanently.

So the one major factor, which impacts or triggers the negative feeling/emotion in us is EXPECTATION. Expectations are by large the only source which triggers sadness or unhappiness within us.

Expectations come in varied forms and have varied features to it based on our object regarding who/what we have expectations about. For example, you buy a dress with an intention to look dashing in it. However, when you put on the attire, your expectations might have fallen flat with the dress, not matching your features. Is it vertigo to feel low? No, not really.

While our external expectations have a limited impact on us, it is expectations that we have from our relationship and our own self that can and will have a profound impact on our emotions.

We parents want our children to be super successful. Recent studies have shown, almost 70% of the parent community expects their children to fulfill the dreams that the parents themselves couldn’t achieve in their lifetime. This is an impediment to both parents and the children. Parents have every right to show a direction for their children in a path that the children choose, but expecting them to succeed without working towards it is losing before starting.

In today’s world, it hardly takes a few weeks for a new relationship to break. Reason being- the youth today have set their requirements before entering a relationship and that requirement not met, would lead to an immediate break in the relationship. Here instead of working towards fulfilling their requirements in the relationship, they are expecting their requirements to be fulfilled without giving the time or space.

Expectations leads to increase in stress level. It is these expectations that impact our mental and physical health.

It is important for each of us to set certain goals and work towards achieving these goals instead of expecting things to pan according to how we are expecting them to.

A rigid discipline is all that it takes for us to succeed in any path or achieve any goal we have set for ourselves. This work and this discipline in whatever principality are what ensures our happiness and contentedness.

We are eternal conscious truth seekers who are always in bliss. Let our emotions and our expectations not cloud this eternal form of ours.

Be happy and Blessed always!!

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