Do You Know Constant Failure May Be Attributed by Your Attitude?

Running after success, accomplishing our goals and amassing the riches of the world to meet our ends is what we all are doing. In this journey, there comes a time for everyone, where success seems far-fetched. Honest efforts may also let you down to see the face of failure. What causes constant failure in our lives for some of our desires. Do we miscalculate our efforts? Does luck turn away its face?

You may outline several reasons; however, they would still not be able to provide you a workable solution. This may create a lot of negativities in mind. Hopelessness is evident. Are such conditions lowering your confidence? Is life letting you down and all you can think is absence of recovery? Amidst the negative words let us bring in a silver lining. As Jim Rohn, the famous public speaker and life coach describes it, ‘negative is not bad’. Here comes the role of our attitude. How can we handle negative conditions if we hate to face them. Can you avoid darkness in the absence of light? No, darkness is as firmly a reality as is the presence of light. Should we feel afraid and run away from it? Absolutely not! Can we handle it? There is no doubt about it. Feeling strong already? Read on, to discover how this simple change in attitude can pull you back from the cavern of darkness.

Light and darkness exist together
In any situation, our attitude governs everything. You can look at the enterprise system as 6 days of work and one day of relaxation. Or, you can feel disappointed about it offering just one day of relaxation. It is important to imbibe in the attitude that enterprise is better than ease. If nobody created dwellings, the jungle would have taken over. Therefore, we must stay active and work for the society we live in. One week of neglect at work can create a year of extra effort. Every day of honest work keeps you running and things organized. Most of us find momentary bliss in escape as more fascinating than waiting for the fruits of hard work. There are, in fact, a few ‘diseases of attitude’ identified and outlined by Jim Rohn in his book. Getting rid of them immediately will change your life for the good. Here we mention them and the way they are wrecking your life.


Foremost comes indifference in the list of diseases of attitude. Ignoring the effort that is required for something good to happen, will never establish the good you are hoping. Nobody can become a winner without getting worked up. Every achiever invests efforts without stressing about it. There is no easy achievement. The excitement and willingness will always make it easy or at least agreeable. There’s only one way to reach the top of a mountain, by climbing. You cannot drift to the top. Fear of walking the right path holds you back even from walking.

Climb to the top
A simple change in your attitude towards this uncertainty can drive you right away. There is no need to be afraid of walking the wrong path. Choose any path and start walking. Discover for yourself if it was right or not. Make changes as required. Life is too long to be afraid of introducing changes. Most of the time it is not the situation or the path that you choose is wrong. It is the delusion that another situation would suit you better. It is the feeling that in a different job you would have done better. Avoid living in delusion and make honest efforts. Working half day for a full day pay cannot take you to the pinnacle.


Decision making

The second, quite painful disease of attitude is mental paralysis. As a common opinion, the hardest part of life is often considered decision making. Am I making the right choices. Will these decisions bring me prosperity or disaster? This unescapable thought makes us weak and vulnerable. Making up mind on anything seems almost unattainable. Such an attitude will never let you make a move. You would remain stagnant instead of making any progress in life.
A simple change in attitude would be to make a choice. Good or bad does not matter. It is always possible to find out where our decision is heading to and make amends. This will dissolve the fear of decision-making. Making choices is in reality not hard or stressful. On the contrary, you lead a better life by making more decisions. The cause of constant failure is not a wrong decision, but making no decisions at all. Cautious is good, but over-cautious restricts you from stepping forward. Pick a path and move on.


Self doubt
Doubt is another big attitude disease and even worse is self-doubt. The haunting question, this work is doable but would I be able to do it, causes instant harm to your confidence. Take challenges, be a believer. Your instant reaction should be how can I accomplish a task and not will I accomplish the task. Change your attitude to acceptance rather than reluctance. Believe that there is nothing in this universe that you cannot accomplish. Then begin analyzing the wisest method of achieving it. Working out a way is secondary. Acceding a challenge without any self-doubt comes foremost.


Don't worry think wisely
Another problem that can be dealt by attitude is worry. Refrain from a worrisome attitude. Realize that everyone across the globe faces health, family or social problems. You are not alone in this. Try to relax and think with patience the solution to these problems. Life cannot be free of problems, but it can be cured of those problems, always and every time. Worry is never a solution, rather a stress-magnet. It attracts further health and social problems. This does not mean that you become ignorant and indifferent to problems, contrary to our first point. Denying that any kind of problem exists is not smart. Handling them perceptively is smart.


In reference to our discussion on how getting over-cautious leads to indecision, it would be equitable to consider over-caution an attitude problem. The right attitude would be to adopt a timid approach to life. Be adventurous and enjoy what comes as part of your decisions. Develop an appetite for risk. In reality, everything in life is risky. Even not doing anything is a big risk, leave aside doing right or wrong. Where will a road take you? what would be the result of your efforts? There is only one way to find, by walking the road or pouring in the effort. If you never drove a vehicle, there would be no risk of an accident but a big risk of missing an adventurous journey. It is also known as the language of the poor. They don’t have much to lose to fear taking risks. Ease yourself and you will work more, take more risks and earn more. Life plays on the rules of gambling, bigger risks-bigger gains.


The worst attitude disease that will definitely cause constant failure is pessimism. Ask yourself, do you constantly find faults in others, situations and yourself? Does finding faults make you happy and satisfied? While looking outside for the sunshine, would you immediately pay attention to the specks on the window pane? Then you are a pessimist. A pessimist will always look at the dark side of things. It is very important to observe the virtues, get inspired and adopt the ones you like. This is the best way to progress without getting perturbed by the ugly truths. If we regularly think poorly, it reflects on our existence. We will become poor as a result of poor thinking. Your thoughts root into your subconscious mind making you exactly what you think.
Build up an attitude of positivity. Listen to what sounds productive, progressive and positive. Speak words that build a positive character. Think about the righteousness in a situation and what good it can bring you. Think wisely and carefully. This is not an easy task; however, it is worth your efforts. Always stand guard at the doors of your mind. Disallow unhealthy, painful thoughts to enter. Instead of complaining about things, help in finding solutions. Suggest corrections and help implement them. Be the change you want around you and within you. This is the perfect recipe to build a good life.

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Tanushree Dwivedi
Tanushree Dwivedi
Blogger and IT Engineer. Started writing to channelize inner thoughts and inspirations around. I am quite inspired by the words of Bhagvat Gita, which closely relate to the real world and teach us how to interact with it. Human Psychology has always interested me and personally helped me in better interactions with people around me. Professionally working as Senior Manager, IT & Digital Marketing for 7 years.

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