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COVID-19, a pandemic that has taken all us by a storm. How bad can it get now? Almost 30% of the world population is already affected by the CORONA VIRUS.

Well, each of us individuals can bring about the change. We have been feeding each other with as much negative information as possible. To be fair, the videos and news articles that we come upon could be true or otherwise, but going through them and having a discussion on the same, will affect our psyche in more than one way possible. So does that mean we need to stay away from negative information? I wouldn’t think that would even be possible. Even if you ignore the information being fed upon you, the information would make way into you through the different channels that the information has at its behest.
Ignoring information is definitely not the way to it. However, utilizing the information to better ourselves is definitely the way. What I mean to say is, instead of letting the negative information act on us, why don’t we analyze the information and act on it.

Fight Back COVID-19

precautions for COVID-19

The human body, when aided by a strong mind and intelligence, can combat anything and has the power to make the changes in the universe, what to say about the world. Well, it’s a matter of time, when TIME, the healer and destroyer shall take over and dwindle off the effects of this VIRUS. However, for that to happen, we humans need to collectively show our prominence and our strength to stand against the VIRUS. This will prove to the UNIVERSE what we truly intend and thus make it manifest through TIME. This has happened time and again.

So how do we make our selves strong enough to communicate our willingness to the UNIVERSE? Simply strengthen yourself – body, mind, and soul. There are many examples across the history of mankind, that can prove that one’s mind and body can be trained to fight this pandemic. To strengthen the body and mind, one needs to follow a strong discipline and strict practice. Now that, everyone is facing lockdown, it could be the best time to put practice what we have always been postponing for reasons best known to their own-selves.

A Little From Our Own History

Now coming to our times, to combat a deadly virus like CORONA, it’s important to strengthen one’s own lungs. The human body is meant to work. Since the hunters and gatherers days, be it a woman or a man, they have always worked hard. Farming, pottery, hunting, fighting, building houses all these are hard work, where every part of the body is engaged. Taking care of cattle, churning butter, grinding grains, making home-made pastes, pounding; all these involved hard work. All of which have been forgotten now.

Draupadi, the queen of King Yudishtra was making her own medicines to treat the wounded in the war of Kurukshetra. She, it is said, never discriminated between the wounded while treating them.
However, in today’s times, where BIO WARS are taking off without any warning sign, we need more, than the times back then to combat it. So what can be our weapon? Our biggest weapon today is our strength. And to become stronger we need to exercise. The bio war currently raging is killing the human race by attacking our respiratory systems. This is one of its kinds.

Best Practices and Regimes

Exercises for coronavirus

Discover the right kind of exercise that suits your body. Exercise of any kind could help. However, it is important to ensure you follow a regime and a disciplined practice to ensure you do not falter from your path. The exercise should be a step-up increase in their intensity so as to help you achieve the right results you set out for. Never stop or give a gap. You may plan a 5 or 6 day exercising and provide yourself a 2-day or a day off from exercise but maintain the same routine. It is required that the mind understands what you are set out to do and thus the mind is on the same page as your body. You need to exert yourselves every day for 45 minutes minimum. It would be nice to extend this to a 2-time regime. That is to exercise 30-45 minutes morning and 30-45 minutes in the evening along with Cardio, or alternate. This helps to regulate your breathing and strengthen your lungs. The inside out of the body can be put into a regular defined regime through proper exerting exercise.

Physical Exercise of the body produces dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin- the brain chemicals. The right release of these brain chemicals is very important to help our moods. These brain chemicals when released in the right manner strengthen our mind thus helping us with balancing our conscious and subconscious minds.

How To Strengthen Body Immunity?

Exercise in the form of YOGA, High-intensity workouts or dance of any kind that can exert you, act as a natural cleanser.
While physical exercise is important, it is also very important to practice the right breathing during exercise. Pranayama or breathing exercises are a way to strengthen one’s respiratory organs. While physical exercise helps the right release of brain chemicals, Pranayama works on repairing brain cells themselves and help grow newer brain cells. Pranayama is a quicker way to help us stabilize our thought process. It ensures we do not deter from our path. The right practice is the right way to go.

lung-exercises and meditation

And to put ourselves in the right direction during such difficult times it’s very important to meditate. Meditation takes us through our inner journey which helps us understand what we really need and this helps us set the right goals. Our inner-self has all the answers possible. It’s just that we haven’t opened the lock, the key for which is hidden within us. They say meditating early in the morning will show you the right direction, maybe even satisfying all of your desires in a go.

Men and women from history have shown a lot of valor and strength to win over such diseases. What we can now do to repeat history is to self-protect ourselves by strengthening our body, mind, and soul. Be safe and be strong.

The key takeaways:

  • It’s not only the power of virus that’s causing the COVID-19 pandemic but also the weakness of human lungs and respiratory system (due to hundreds of years of ignoring intense work which is natural to body)
  • The universe gives us what we constantly focus on. So let’s focus on what we want (strengthening our lungs) and Not on what we don’t want (Virus).
  • Set a goal of minimum 45 minutes workout (gradually increase the intensity)
  • Try Brisk Walking, Spot Jogging, Zumba, Yoga, Pranayama
  • Meditating with all our focus is the key to set the right goals.

Generate your inner powers to combat COVID-19. It is not a Government’s, or the health professionals’ or anyone else’s fight. Every individual is fighting this war and, Must, as a responsible citizen, participate in their own self-healing process. Should you need any help in the process, I will always there with you at Winnersnest. Click on the WhatsApp icon to chat now, or to inquire about any arrangements you require.

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