Quit Dieting. Here’s why

What has been the first word that comes to your mind or as a suggestion from your friend whenever you think of reducing weight? ‘Dieting’ isn’t it? This is what most people think as the convenient way to get rid of body fat. Restricted food, sudden weight loss, sudden weight gain, feeling less energetic and even weak, does that sound convenient to you? Let me tell you, dieting may have been equated to fitness, but it comes with a baggage of troubles. Read on and see for yourself if you want to quit dieting.

You may be wondering, how much of a trouble can something so widely being followed can be. Especially, when it is your wedding round the corner demanding a loss of 5 kilograms real soon, or you want to get rid of your belly fat before you can meet your date, you would be wondering if dieting can lead you there. If done recklessly, dieting could cause some major issues. As you read on, you would know that it is best to stay away from such issues. After all, it doesn’t make any sense to adopt a fitness regime and get unfit.

Severe Metabolism Breakdown

Most dieting plans expect you to quit carbohydrates, dairy, fats, sugar, gluten and a lot more. On top of that, people become their own masters and decide to completely stop eating anything that may contain these nutrients. Everything found in nature is essential and is made to be consumed. A major loss of any of the nutrients takes a toll on your body.

The biggest problem arrives when you aim for a sudden loss of weight. When you quit eating to lose weight faster, the body comes into survival mode. It stops burning the accumulated fat knowing that the supply has stopped. This accumulated fat can be really dangerous for health. This is called the Visceral Fat that accumulates every time there are fluctuations in health. It can be the cause of heart problems, inflammations, diabetes etc. By calling it quits, you are actually inviting problems!

In this entire process, our metabolism process is majorly shaken. The body stops working the way it should because you are forcing it to change the metabolic cycle. It is like applying a hard brake in the car. You are bound to feel a jerk. The best way is to cut down on harmful junk food and reduce on the diet slowly in smaller portions. 

The Boomerang Effect

This is how the Boomerang works. The wooden device our favorite Mowgli uses to knock rivals out. It flies away from you and then at the same speed, it comes back to you. The same happens to you in case of dieting and even worse. You quit eating now and suddenly lose weight, then the moment you start eating the weight will pounce back in a larger quantity.


Why does this happen? Our gut already has bacteria and they help indigestion. On sudden diet changes in your body, the gut bacteria get affected. But, what is to be noted is that there are two kinds of bacteria in the gut, good and bad. With a loss in appetite or excessive appetite, the bad bacteria become more active and provoke you to eat even more. What is worse, it gives you the craving to eat more unhealthy food. Cheese, fat, sugars all start to seem more tempting. To keep your gut bacteria in control, you must nourish it with a healthy diet and an optimum quantity of diet.

Mental Health Disaster

We have seen so far what dieting does to your body. All these bad effects do not contain themselves. They start affecting you in every way possible. One such effect is also seen in mental health. It is true that all the trauma your stomach goes through over dieting creates a lot of hormonal reactions. Poor diet, leading to poor health, deficiency of essential nutrients, hormonal imbalance all leading to an upset mind. A chemical called Serotonin which is a neurotransmitter in our body that controls our mood, sleep, etc. is produced in a lower quantity as a result of dieting.

dieting affects mental health

As a result of a disturbed body functioning and routine, there is only one way most people react to it, eat more. This vicious cycle never ends and in some time you find your health degraded like never before. Several ailments start catching up making it worse.

Replace Dieting with a Yoga Diet

yoga diet

Now that we have seen that dieting may not be a great idea to stay fit, what are the alternatives? This is where our magnificent Indian culture steps in. It is like the home you come back to after wandering around the world. Our pre-historic Yoga regimes are the cure to all the ailments. Many have started acknowledging the benefits of Yoga but have not yet adopted it in their schedule.

Well, it is not about Dieting vs Yoda Diet. Avoiding junk food, eating healthy, taking optimum quantities of everything, if this is your definition of dieting it is good to go. However, most often this is not the case. In fact, a bit of everything that is available in nature to eat must be consumed.

The phrase ‘Yoga Diet’ has quickly gained a lot of attention especially amongst youngsters and the elderly. You wouldn’t believe the amazing effects yoga has unless you experience it. Read carefully, Regular Yoga burns excess calories and brings your body to shape. Yoga positions are great exercises for the gut leading to excellent metabolism. As a ripple effect, your diet portion automatically decreases to the optimum required level and your body craves more for nutritious elements like fruits, salads, and vegetables.

effects of yoga

It may sound too good to be true, which is why only personal experience can instill faith in you. The best part is that Yoga regimes can be easily followed and they do not demand a lot of time from your busy schedule. Did you know, that only 1 complete step of Surya Namaskar, which only takes 1 minute can burn up to 30 calories? Start with just 15 minutes to perform Surya namaskar and light exercises. Gradually you would be inclined to add more minutes as your body starts healing.

What I want is you to stay healthy. Months and years of best practices keep you maintained and healthy. Stay addicted to only healthy things and habits. Do not give up too easily. Stay fit.

Live a life of goodness and health. Experience farm life. Take a getaway from the unhealthy lifestyle and see what all your body and mind can experience. For professional help on how to get back to the right mood, in shape and be more positive and productive than ever before contact me at Winners Nest by clicking on the WhatsApp chat icon.

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