Habits of Happy People

Have you seen people who look bright as sunshine? All you see around them is a halo of positivity. Their eyes twinkle like the shiniest star ever. Even in the worst conditions, you find them composed and vibrant. Their aura has often made you wonder if they belong to an alien world. If you ever approach them with your life problems, they fabricate rays of hope you never imagined before. Some find such people in their parents who have already lived their lives and truly know its meaning. Others might be lucky to have such friends or colleagues around them.

What remains a mystery is how do they manage to stay happy and contented. Can we also be like them? Will it ever happen to us? Are we going wrong somewhere? Happiness is anyone’s absolute need. “When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade”, a quote easy to say, but really hard to implement, is it? Well, harder times, difficult situations, critical decisions are a part of every person’s life on earth. Trust me! How you deal with them, weather you become successful in making a lemonade or not is up to you. What we can do for you is lift your spirits by letting you know that there are certain habits of happy people you can follow. It might be worthwhile discovering how innate happiness arises.

Read on to find out which habits can you relate to and which ones are yet to be adopted.

They take time to respond

Sudden outbursts of anger are a clear sign of unhappiness. Happy people always try to hear the whole story before responding. Most of the disappointments arise from the thought of someone breaking expectations. The truth is almost always there is a good reason behind. Once you know other’s perspectives, you may probably sympathize with their thoughts and actions. An easy way is to always ask questions before reacting. Someone could not reach on time, ask why. Try to give solutions. Someone could not fulfill a promise, give them another chance. If they keep failing, avoid putting expectations on them, they might be in a miserable condition themselves.

 They take calculated risks

Take Risks

Some amount of uncertainty is indeed adventurous. Happy people love to introduce some amount of risks in their lives time and again. This is also an indicator of faith. When you take risks you are betting on your faith in something. You don’t know if a business will be successful, but you keep faith and take massive actions based on your strategies. You are never certain if a love affair would be successful, but you invest your time trying to nourish it. Given the circumstances, no one knows until when we would have to fight the coronavirus. All we are currently focused on is the faith that COVID will fade away and times will change. Knowledge is essential to put your bets on the right things. Outcome of course is never certain.

They identify and rectify their faults

Taking criticism positively and using it to one’s advantage is a viable expression of happiness. Cheerful individuals spend time analyzing whether a change would really make them or their lives better. An unhappy person on the contrary focusses on what was the intention of the critic. Why spend your energy reasoning out other’s thoughts. What you should reason out is whether their suggestion or comment applies to you. If you’re not sure, consult with your loved one’s who know you well and wish your well-being. If it does apply work on it as life is long and there’s always scope to improvise. If it doesn’t, forget about it that very instant and move on. Not just critique, self-assessments are also healthy ways to stay happy. Happy people accept their mistakes because they know that recovery begins after acceptance.

 They are driven by dreams not fears


Have you seen people too afraid to attempt a new challenge? Be it leaving their family for work, changing their jobs, starting a new relationship or even try sitting on a roller coaster ride. If they don’t hear back from you, all they keep thinking is you are in trouble. These are not the characteristics of a happy person. Anticipating the worst are signs of unhappiness. Happy people find joy in the crazy. They want to climb a mountain, summon their guts, step out the sill, because it gives them pleasure. The happiness of capitalizing on experiences overcomes the fear of hurdles along the way. Sometimes bringing out the child in you, who is not afraid of Hanging out of the balcony or climbing a tree, opens horizons to unimaginable happiness.

Where ever we focus the energy flows there. If we focus on your worries they come true. The mind will manifest them. When something is stuck in tooth, the tongue keeps going there until it’s out. Similarly mind keep focusing on the problems. However, we must learn to focus on stuff that’s gives us desired solution or outcome and NOT the problem.

They embrace changes

Did you ever argue with your friend or daughter or daughter in law over a food recipe? Could you open up your mind to the possibility that there could be several procedures each bringing in an all new flavor to enjoy? A lot of things that apply to your everyday life are a lot similar. Happy people find positivity in variety and in changes. For example, two different flavors to enjoy for one dish. Or, a possibility to explore better outcomes with a different approach. How can you know if the way you are or the way you work suits you the best until you’ve tried something else. Familiarity is comforting as we quite know the results. However, we don’t know if they are the best results possible!

They possess an attitude of gratitude

Be grateful

You may or may not have tried it, but being thankful is one the most cheerful feeling. The moment you put a smile on a face by being thankful and grateful, the smile automatically comes back to you. We have seen laughter going viral, haven’t we? Only happy people are capable of opening their hearts to appreciate the good around them. When you are lost in yourself and feel emptiness inside, it is hard to accept any generosity to be real. There is a fear of returning back favors, which you find yourself incapable of. Trust me! It is much simpler than this. Believe in people. Help others, empathize with their pain and try to be on the giving side. Happiness that comes back to you makes you complete and relieves you of worries. You feel the world is beside you. You know them because you made them feel good. Always remember what goes around is bound to come back around.

Success, fame, wealth, relationships, all are the gifts of life that give us reasons to work for. Ultimately what we achieve is happiness by doing the work. Now that you know how happy people behave and are like, how many checks did you get for yourself? If happiness is what you are still chasing, find help immediately by consulting me at Winnersnest. You only need to make the first move and send a message on my whatsapp chatbox.

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Suresh is a certified NLP coach, accomplished decision science leader, performance coach, certified mind therapist and spiritual mentor. Suresh has over 20 years of experience in predictive analytics, product engineering, solution architecture, pre-sales, program management & operations. An accomplished hands-on leader excelling in building complex Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning, NLP, Computer Vision) products in Banking, Pharma, Insurance and Digital Marketing domains to his clients around the world.

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