The 10 C’s You Need for Guaranteed Success

The flavor of accomplishing your desired goals is incredible. If you have ever successfully achieved any of your goals, you would know the difference between working for a goal and working aimlessly. The termination of your actions leads to satisfaction and in turn happiness when a goal is achieved. This is why it becomes an elementary lesson in our developmental process to become successful in life. This raises the question,


What does success mean to you?

Is it getting the work done as desired; earning money, enough for survival; becoming a billionaire; or, being able to fulfill your dreams? If you analyze deeply, success is all of these and yet none of these. Success is a continuous journey of accomplishments of our goals with the ultimate goal of becoming the best version of ourselves in whatever we do. If you know you are doing the best, you will always feel satisfied and in turn happy with whatever you are doing. The world will recognize your work without you making an effort. Without success, in whatever we do, we feel empty and unhappy. Dissatisfaction encircles us and even joyous moments fail to instill happiness. If you can relate to such emotions, you are probably still in search of success. This leads to the next question, which is, how to achieve success?

how to become successful

There is absolutely no reason why anyone in this world would not be able to achieve success if they have the 10 qualities mentioned below. These 10 qualities have been summarised from the highly motivational lectures of the world-renowned author and speaker Brian Tracy. As it turns out, all of these 10 qualities start with the letter ‘C’. Find out each of these to examine where you stand on the path to success.



Clarity stands to be the number one quality of successful people. By clarity, we mean clarity of thoughts. To be successful, one must align his thoughts in a particular direction. A lot of people have limited or no sense of direction in which they should move ahead. There is an undoubted requirement to develop a vision in life. Set goals, and never work aimlessly. The goals must be set as though they exist at present. Keep convincing yourself that whatever you want to be in the future, is what you are now. If you want to be happy, say you are happy, if you want to be rich, tell yourself that you are rich and feel it. Remind yourself of your goals every day. A wonderful way to make your goals a reality is to write them down every day. Begin your morning with an aim in mind. What do you want to achieve today? Always be result-oriented and then every day will feel successful and satisfying.

Constantly ask yourself, what have you done towards your goal today. Put an effort into programming your subconscious mind that success will be yours if you keep working towards each goal. Success will indeed be yours in no time.


success by competence

We defined success to be the journey to perfection in our work. It is, therefore, imperative to assume the quality of competence to be of utmost importance for success. By competence, we do not mean that you should carry the emotion of triumphing from others. It implies that you should strive to become excellent. Hard work is indispensable for someone to successfully achieve their goals. The most successful people never get settled with small achievements. They overlook their current accomplishments to focus on bigger goals they have set for their lives. People with large goals are the biggest achievers. Never set your goals low. As it is said, people with dreams have more power in them than the ones who simply kept working. An easy way to inculcate competence is to work for something you like. If you love your work and are working hard for it, there is success guaranteed for you. People who inscribed their names in the sky, some of the biggest personalities like Steve Jobs, followed their inner voice instead of being pulled down by the dogma of society.



success factor concentration

A lot of mention about concentration is found in Indian mythology. Yoga and meditation or ‘Dhyan’ as we call it in Hindi, are symbolized as practices followed by the great scholars of all times. The consequence of practicing Yoga is a peaceful mind that can visualize a clear focus and never deters from it. There are millions of things that can stow in your mind. A conscious effort must be made to clear your head and understand what is of supreme importance at present. Successful people always follow the 80-20 rule. In thatthey eliminate 80% of the junk in their minds and focus only on the 20% of the most important things in life. Success will only be delivered to you by that 20% of the things. Always ask yourself what is essential for you to do right now. Ask this as many times a day as possible every day. Make it a routine for your brain to always think and work on this concept. Soon, it will become an effortless transition to understand and work on the things that matter to you and are the most productive for you.

The more you are focussed on worthy goals, the more you are inclined to prioritize their completion. This sense of urgency is a virtue that will always keep your bosses or dependents happy. Great achievers always mention that they loved their work and committed themselves to complete it on time. Therefore, concentrate on your goals, set priorities, and create an urgency to achieve them.



common sense success factor

One of the biggest qualities, that successful people believe one must have, is common sense. Possessing a sense to comprehend what will be the most valuable action in a particular situation can do wonders for you. Never act on impulse or without complete knowledge. Train your mind to analyze, understand, think and then act in any given situation. One of the biggest troubles in life- ‘decision making’-will then becomes absolutely easy for you. Believe in your intuition. Your brain knows exactly what you need and must do. Amazingly, it has all the answers you need. Do not fall for others’ opinions as they can never assess you better than you.

Our intuition is what you develop from our wisdom. The knowledge and awareness of our surroundings, which begins as a child, develop our intuition. We must reflect this wisdom in our decisions and work. A famous quote from Aristotle states success is an equal combination of wisdom and its reflection.



creativity success factor

Creativity is a critical factor for success that many may believe they do not have. 80% of the workforce in any work environment acts according to defined procedures. Their success paths, therefore, terminate quite similar to each other. The outstanding performers do things differently. They apply their creative power and always keep looking for new ideas. Most importantly, they trust their ideas. Think differently and then prove that your thoughts are right. Can creativity be inculcated or is it an inner ability you are born with? You might require to unleash your creative mind to taste the flavor of success.



One of the biggest qualities of great achievers is to get along with others. How can we get in accord with others? The best way to do this is to develop excellent communication skills. Read books, listen to quality speeches, and learn just one word every day and you can be amongst the most educated people in the world in 5 years. The better you can communicate with others, the better it will be for you to head forward in life.



consistency success factor

While walking on the success path many people become complacent. As you grow consider it an indication that you need to remain consistent and work along the direction. The people who made it large in their lives like Ratan Tata, kept working every single day of their lives till the end of it. Working for a limited amount of time can help you live well, but will not help you climb the ladder of success. The struggle that you face before settling in a career must remain your motivation to continue working with passion. Over a while, it will become a habit, as simple as brushing your teeth.

Life demands that you never give up even if you see the face of failure. Be consistent in your efforts. If you have begun to work in the direction of success, you will progress. The most successful entrepreneurs in the world have made several failed attempts before they became legends. Life may hit you hard with bricks, your real failure is only when you stop trying.



Now that you are gaining confidence that success can be yours with all the above C’s, make sure you do not rule out commitment. People who have the willingness and inclination to work with a commitment never face any problems on the road to success. Work never feels the stress to them as there is an enthusiasm and passion with which they work. Every great achievement in life comes with a fervor involved in it. Successful people remain absorbed in their work and they find pleasure in it. They could work for hours without feeling exhausted. Even when not at work their minds are passively active and committed to their work. They keep thinking about ideas for progress. Even when standing steady, they would always think of making life better. With such commitment to anything in life, success is a reality. The contemporary billionaires will affirm that they were so engrossed in their work, that they never realized they had become famous and extraordinarily rich. Their biggest possession was their commitment to their work.



courage success factor

Mastering fears is a noticeable quality of successful people. Every individual has some or the other fear in his life. There is a fear of losing money, time, or effort. Indeed, all of these things happen too. Such events paralyze our minds against achieving our goals. Successful people develop the courage to overcome such fears. They understand that there is no security in life, only opportunity. Wisdom is in grabbing the opportunity and in moving forward. This attitude reinforces the quality of courage to aim for your goals until it becomes a habit. Develop the quality of being unstoppable and success will be in your hands.



The best part about the last quality ‘confidence’ is that it will develop itself in you if you already possess all the other qualities. It comes as a result of knowing your goals well, working towards them with passion and commitment, and having the courage to face any situation in doing so. Persistence is the virtue that will plug into your subconscious mind the habit of success.


Knowledge about the qualities of successful people will make you successful. Not doing what unsuccessful people have done will only help you avoid failure. The amazing truth is that all of these qualities can very well be imbibed and possessed as a part of your personality with determination and the right guidance. To help you meet your desires, winnersnest is at your service.


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